About Us

About us

Skin Care Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of customized cosmetics products and facilitates our customers in acquiring FDA approval. The products can be ranged from facial foam, nourishing cream, anti-melasma cream, sunscreen cream, healing foot cream, two-way powder, loose powder, pressed powder, cooling powder to liquid powder.

With our high quality and long experience in manufacturing of cosmetics under special supervision of cosmetics scientists, Skin Care Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been widely recognized by our OEM customers. We offer a complete manufacturing and packing of the products under the customers’ brands as well as a bulk manufacturing for clinic and spa.

We are more than pleasant to offer advices on customers’ brand development and also welcome wholesale orders. Since customers’ success is our success, it has always been a great challenge for us to give the best support so that our customers survive the cosmetics business.

Skin Care Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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